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Best Beer Subscription Boxes of 2022

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A beer subscription box is a service that delivers the latest craft beers to your door each month. These boxes are curated by experts and allow you to experience new beers from breweries that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to unless you lived in or traveled to their area.

The best beer subscription boxes introduce you to new craft breweries and supply you with the kind of beer that you enjoy. They provide options for available beer styles and for the number of beers that are included in each shipment and have affordable shipping costs and helpful customer service. Continue reading for our roundup of the best beer subscription boxes.

Best Beer Subscription Boxes of 2022

Best Overall: Tavour



Why We Chose It: You can select the exact beers you want each month or leave it up to experts to choose your box, who customize it to your style preferences.

What We Like
Options to customize
Variety of independent breweries
Flat-rate and free shipping options

What We Don’t Like
Price varies

When you want full control over what goes into your monthly shipment, Tavour is the best choice for a beer subscription box. There are two ways to build your box. You can flip through the Tavour app for the daily available beer options and choose what you want added to your cart. At least two new beers from over 650 independent breweries in 47 states are added to the app each day.

With this option, there is no minimum or maximum number of beers to purchase. The price of each box varies by the cost of the beers you add, and you’ll pay $14.90 for shipping each month regardless of how many beers you add to your box.

When you want to leave the selection to the experts and have your box filled according to your style preferences, Tavour offers a monthly subscription. Choose your preferred styles along with whether you want six beers or 12 beers per month and your box ships free. The monthly price varies by the styles you select. Boxes with five or six beers start at about $35 each.

Tavour ships to 25 states, as of January 2022. Those in the Seattle, Washington, area, where Tavour’s headquarters is located, can request in-person pickup instead of delivery.

Best Variety of Club Options: Craft Beer Kings

Craft Beer Kings

Craft Beer Kings

Why We Chose It: You can choose a subscription based on the styles of beer you enjoy the most.

What We Like
The number of style-specific subscriptions
Shipping included in pricing

What We Don’t Like
Some styles or beers may be repeated in mixed subscriptions due to availability

Craft Beer Kings offers nine types of craft beer subscription boxes, making it a good choice for those who want more of the beer styles they enjoy the most. Some of the boxes are single styles such as the Sours box and the Hazy IPAs box. Others mix two styles such as the Stouts & IPAs box. If variety and surprise are what you enjoy, there are also boxes for dark beers with porters, stouts, and brown ales, and one called Various Styles that has the latest beers and styles available from top breweries.

There is no minimum commitment when signing up for a beer subscription box from Craft Beer Kings. Once you sign up, you’ll receive your box and be billed once per month until you choose to cancel. Most of the subscriptions start at $69.99 for six cans of beer and some subscriptions have a 12-beer box option for $109.99.

Shipping is included in the price of all subscription boxes. The Craft Beer Kings website states that it ships to most of the lower 48 states (as state laws allow).

Best for Beginners: The Original Craft Beer Club

The Original Craft Beer Club

The Original Craft Beer Club

Offer: Use code SimplyR$5 for $5 off 3+ shipments of 12 beers

Why We Chose It: You’ll receive a variety of beer styles from breweries across the U.S. four, six, or 12 times per year.

Variety of beer styles
Options for frequency of delivery
Accommodates special requests
Flexible payment options

Duplicate beers in a shipment

You are sure to be introduced to plenty of beers and breweries that are new to you with this beer subscription box. The Original Craft Beer Club sources its beer from nearly every state and includes only craft breweries and brewpubs that are 100 percent independent.

Each box features two breweries from different geographical regions and contains four different styles of beers. You’ll receive 12, 12-ounce beers with three of the same beer in each box. For example, one brewery may provide three stouts and three IPAs, while another brewery provides three pale ales and three lagers. This guarantee of variety allows both experienced and newer beer drinkers to learn more about the style-specific characteristics of craft beer.

A common theme among reviews of this club is its excellent customer service, and the club makes an effort to accommodate special requests. With ongoing memberships, you can choose to skip certain beer styles or choose only bottles or only cans in your shipment. This will affect how frequently you receive shipments, but it is a nice option if you have strong preferences.

It’s simple to ease into this beer subscription box as a beginner because there is no minimum commitment. You can choose to receive beer monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly. Boxes start at $45 each and shipping is included to all of the contiguous United States. Breweries and beers featured in boxes are easy to find on the club’s website so you will know what you can expect from this subscription before making a decision to sign up.

Best for International Beers: The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club

The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club

The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club

Why We Chose It: Each month, the beers you receive are curated from over 10,000 breweries in the U.S. and abroad.

What We Like
Beers from U.S. and international breweries are included
Choose from five club options

What We Don’t Like
Duplicate beers in a shipment

If you want to include beers that come from breweries beyond the U.S. in your shipment, The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club is a good choice. This beer subscription box service has five different clubs you can choose from and the beers you’ll receive are selected through a tasting panel of experienced brewmasters.

Those who want their beers to come from a mix of U.S. and international breweries should select The U.S. and International Variety Beer Club, which offers a mix of beer styles. India Pale Ale (IPA) lovers can opt for The Hop-Heads Beer Club, which sources from around the world but provides only IPAs and other hoppy beers.

If you want only beers from international craft breweries, The International Beer Club is for you. If you’d prefer to skip all beers from international breweries and stick with only U.S. craft brews, this subscription service also offers The U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club.

With each of these clubs, you’ll receive 12, 12-ounce beers and either two or four different beer styles. A big bonus for members is that if you really like a beer, you have the option to re-order it while supplies last. The clubs start at $32.95 per month with flat-rate shipping of $15. There is a minimum purchase of two boxes to get started and you can have your beer boxes delivered monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly. The company ships to all states except Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Mississippi, and Utah.

For experienced beer drinkers looking for rare selections, there's also The Rare Beer Club. With this beer subscription box, choose to receive two, four, or six bottles of artisanal, limited-release beers from two of the world’s best breweries. This subscription starts at $39.95 per month with flat-rate shipping of $15.

Final Verdict

Beer lovers have many options when choosing a beer subscription box. Tavour was selected as the best overall because of its options for customizing beers and styles along with greater control over the number of beers you receive each month, thus minimizing duplicate beers so you can try more new things. Plus, they curate beers from independent breweries across the U.S.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Beer Subscription Box?

A beer subscription box is a service that delivers expert-selected craft beers to your door on a regular basis. Some beer subscription boxes provide a variety of styles, while others focus on only a few styles or even one style of beer. Most boxes are delivered monthly, but some services ship bimonthly and/or quarterly.

How Much Do Beer Subscription Boxes Cost?

Prices start at about $32 per shipment for 12 beers and vary based on the number and types of beers in each box, the frequency of delivery, and whether shipping is included.

Do Beer Subscription Boxes Ship to My State?

Alcohol shipping laws vary by state and by the type of alcohol being shipped. Most clubs ship to as many states as possible working within local shipping laws. Some clubs say that they ship to every state, but upon inquiring, you may find that their services are not available in your area. Laws frequently change, so inquire directly with each club to ensure that it services your ZIP code.

How We Chose the Best Beer Subscription Boxes

Beer and brewery variety, customer reviews, options for customization, delivery schedule, and pricing were all carefully considered when selecting the best beer subscription boxes. For example, Craft Beer Kings caters to customers who want boxes containing specific styles of beer, while The Original Craft Beer Club allows you to modify how frequently you receive shipments.