Best Alcohol Delivery Services

Drizly is your best option for alcohol delivery and shipping

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Best Alcohol Delivery Services of 2022

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An alcohol delivery service allows you to shop for beer, wine, spirits, or cocktails, and have your order brought to your door through courier delivery or shipping. These services may work with local liquor stores and restaurants to obtain your alcohol order or the products may come from businesses located outside of your area.

The best alcohol delivery services provide the selection you are seeking and deliver it in a timeframe that works best for you, whether that’s within an hour or a week. These services may provide only beer, wine, or spirits, a combination of the three, supplies to make your own cocktails at home, or premade cocktails that are ready to drink. Continue reading for more about the best alcohol delivery services.

Best Alcohol Delivery Services of 2022

Best Overall: Drizly



Why We Chose It: You can shop for a wide selection of beer, wine, and spirits simultaneously for same-day delivery.

Large selection
Partners with local retailers

Shipping fees vary by retailer

When you want to shop from a large selection of beer, wine, and spirits with quick, same-day delivery or shipping within a few days, try Drizly. This alcohol delivery service partners with local retailers, making as many as 2,000 products available from any given store—which can all be accessed through the company's app and website.

Drizly is available in 31 states and, depending on your location, you may be able to choose delivery or shipping. Same-day delivery is available in many cities, with some providing drop-off within one hour of ordering. For cities outside the delivery range, your order will be shipped through a delivery service (FedEx or UPS) and will arrive within a few days.

Most cities have a $5 delivery fee, although there are no such fees in New York City. Shipping costs vary by the retailer you choose when placing your order. Drizly also adds a $1.99 service fee to orders.

Best for Premium Spirits and Fine Wines: Reserve Bar

Reserve Bar

Reserve Bar

Why We Chose It: You’ll find a variety of premium spirits, Champagne, and wine from around the world that can be shipped directly to you.

Large selection
Spirits and wines available
Top- and middle-shelf spirits

Long shipping times

If sipping a fine Scotch is more your style, you’ll love the selection of spirits offered by Reserve Bar. This online shop features premium and rare spirits as well as highly regarded wines from the world's top wine-producing regions.

In addition to top-shelf options, you will also find casual favorites along with mixers, sodas, and accessories. The variety makes this a good alcohol delivery option, whether you are shopping for a special occasion or trying to build your home bar.

Reserve Bar takes the mystery of shipping availability out of your shopping experience. Within each product description, you will find a list of states where the product can be shipped. Unlike a true delivery service, you may not receive your order immediately, but most products will arrive at your door within five to seven days.

Best for Craft Beer and Cider: Half Time

Half Time

Half Time

Why We Chose It: You can shop a long list of craft beers and ciders from large and small producers around the country.

Focus on ciders as well as beer
Shipping policy easy to navigate

Shipping costs
Long delivery time

If you are searching for top craft beers and small-batch ciders, Half Time has a long list of both available. The craft beer offerings include familiar favorites as well as hard-to-find beers from smaller breweries and also craft beer imports. In addition, the store has one of the largest cider selections that you will find on the internet, sourcing from areas throughout the United States. Hard seltzers, mead, and gluten-free beers are also available.

Half Time ships to 30 states and makes the shipping search easy; enter your ZIP code on any product page to see if it can be shipped to your location. Beers and ciders can be purchased as singles, four-packs, and by the case.

If you live in the New York City area, you will pay a flat rate for shipping up to 24 bottles or cans of $15.99. For all other areas, the shipping cost jumps to $19.99. Orders arrive in one to nine business days, depending on your location.

Best for Cocktail Kits: Cocktail Courier

Cocktail Courier

Cocktail Courier

Why We Chose It: You can be your own bartender when everything you need for craft cocktails is sent straight to your home.

Cocktail recipes from pro bartenders
Everything you need is included
No subscription required

Cocktail options for some spirits may be limited

If you enjoy making your own drinks but don’t have access to all the specialty syrups, mixers, and garnishes that bartenders use, Cocktail Courier will solve that problem. Each cocktail kit has everything you need to recreate handcrafted cocktails developed by professional bartenders. This includes spirits, citrus fruits, mixers, specialty syrups and cordials, bitters, and garnishes. All you’ll need are standard bar tools like a shaker, your serving glass, and ice.

You can search by the base spirit to find drink recipes that meet your preferences and then choose the size box you want by the number of servings; for most cocktails, it's between two and 12 drinks. These cocktail kits can be purchased a la carte or you can subscribe for regular deliveries.

Cocktail Courier cannot ship to states that don’t allow for spirits delivery, but as long as you live in one of the lower 48 states, you can order any box as Just the Mix. You’ll receive all the same ingredients minus the booze.

Best for Ready-to-Drink Cocktails: DoorDash



Why We Chose It: You can have prepared cocktails as well as beer and wine from your favorite restaurants delivered to your door with dinner.

Supports local restaurants and bars
No drink prep required

You may need to order food with your alcohol

When you don’t want to go to the trouble of mixing your own drink, DoorDash will bring cocktails, beer, and wine to you in minutes. Pick a Bloody Mary to pair with brunch, afternoon sangria, or a pitcher of margaritas with your tacos. It’s the next best thing to sipping a drink inside your favorite local restaurant.

DoorDash can be accessed through its website or its easy-to-use app. Peruse what is available in your area, place your order, and you’ll be notified when it arrives on your doorstep. Expect a delivery fee, service fee, and the option to leave a tip on top of the cost of your order.

Note that some restaurants require you to order food with your alcohol order. If you decide a premixed drink isn’t what you want, after all, DoorDash also delivers beer, wine, and spirits from local liquor and convenience stores.

Final Verdict

Drizly, in our opinion, is the best overall alcohol delivery service due to the number of areas it services, the availability of same-day delivery, and the ability to shop for beer, wine, and spirits in one place. There are a lot of options on the market, and this Boston-based company seems to check all the boxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is an Alcohol Delivery Service?

These services provide an app or website that allows you to shop for beer, wine, and spirits, which are then delivered to your home or business. In some cases, the alcohol is delivered by a local courier and arrives within hours. Other times, the alcohol may be shipped to you and arrives in a few days.

Are There Alcohol Delivery Services in My Area?

If your alcohol order needs to be shipped to you, state shipping laws will dictate if alcohol delivery is available. Laws are different for every state and can vary by the type of alcohol being shipped. For deliveries from local businesses, it's best to check with the service to see if that's available where you live.

How Much Do Alcohol Delivery Services Cost?

Most services work with local retailers, so you’ll pay the same price as you would if you visited the liquor store or restaurant in person. Cocktail kits often start around $35 for two drinks. Shipping fees, delivery fees, and extra service fees vary by the retailer and service. There is also an option to add a tip for most delivery services.


Delivery areas, ease of ordering, product selection, types of alcohol offered, price and added fees, courier delivery vs. shipping, and customer experience were all considered when selecting the best alcohol delivery services. For example, Cocktail Courier provides everything you need to make a high-quality, craft cocktail at home down the to garnish, while DoorDash can deliver drinks from restaurants within an hour.

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